Rio Unini - biotope question

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Rio Unini - biotope question

Post by UniniHeckel » 20 Jun 2016, 14:36

Signore Bleher,

I am not sure if you still receive questions from this community but I thought I should give it a try;

working on a new set up for a wild Heckel biotope - favourably from the Rio Unini - in a riparium/paludarium type of tank I an searching for plants that are biotope genuine and inhabit the floodbanks and used as shelter by the discus. After dozens of nights plowing your Bleher's Discus Vol. 1, I am still not sure if I have found the correct plants to use and would therefore like to ask the following:

1) Am I correct when I asume that regular Mangrove/Red mangrove or other are not found this far up in the Amazon/Rio Negro?

2) I have not found anyone that sell seeds or plants of any Licania spec., do you know of such a supplier?

3) Is there any other live plant that can live partly submersed and are present in the Heckel habitat of Rio Unini? I am thinking of plants that I have seen for sale, such as: Myrciaria dubia, Malpighia glabra, Passiflora nitida/Passiflora caerulea, Psychotria spp., Eschweilera tenuifolia, Spatiphyllum spp., Smilax spruceana, Casta leiandra or similar species?

4) What floating plants would be most biotope correct for this specific origin?

5) As it is difficult to find specific species from the Rio Unini could you suggest correct tank mates?

I am quite target oriented when I plan new projects, and hope to achieve a biotope really true to the origin of Rio Unini, as I have had Lovely wild Heckels from this river in the past as well.

Hoping to receive a reply when you have the time to spare,

with very best regards


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