The real P. altum Pellegrin habitat film & identification

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The real P. altum Pellegrin habitat film & identification

Post by Heiko Bleher » 26 Jan 2010, 22:20

Hi Guys,

it is finally done. Natasha has worked a full week (although being very sick) to place a compact film together of the real P. altum she made a nice underwater film in a Laguna, in one of its orginal habitats. In addition I have added orginal habitat photos of its type locality in the Atabapo from my recent November/December field trip and also detailed photographs of those morphologic characters which separate P. altum from all other angelfish species.

This species - the real P. altum - is destinct and very much though, and all those which have claimed to have bred P. altum so far, have not bred this unique and majesctic species (at least of all of those I have seen around the world, in the internet and in all publications which mentioned it breeding - except for one and that was while he was away and all offspring was lost in 1992 in Canada).

There is a preview (of 20 seconds) and one can see the entire video by going to the shop and buy it. It is nearly 10 minutes long and totally comprehensive, including all its mates are mentioned by scientific name in writing, its habitat is well shown, and what he feeds on in nature, as well as its environment in both, the Inirida basin and the blackwater habitat in the Atabapo river. (The latter is its type locality and where I colelcted it already in the late 1960s and 1970s when I introduced this species for the first time into the hobby.)

Enjoy now, also some other video, which are for free...


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