Wild Green Discus

Questions, comments, and experiences about wild strains.
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Re: Wild Green Discus

Post by Dan S » 18 Feb 2010, 20:47

Hello Robyn,

Lovely pics again. I see the Amazon frogbit is starting to spread already. Looks like the Greens are really settling, good to see them feeding so well.

So how many Bristlenose did you go for?

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Re: Wild Green Discus

Post by Dizkuz » 18 Feb 2010, 21:29

Loooks stunning and very healthy....
Nice work and keep it up!
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Heiko Bleher
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Re: Wild Green Discus

Post by Heiko Bleher » 30 May 2010, 14:18


just a fast note (because there are still pèeopèle caring for wild but do not want to get the correct information):
1. there is no Green discus in the Rio Mutum, not even close, the Rio Mutum is ONLY Blue discus as all the rest of the Purus-basin. These might be from the Rio Jutaí basin (or Mineruá).
2. They should be very well feed becsuee they still have not recovered from month' without food by the collectirs bringing them to manaus (1 month travel...and 1 month no food in viveiros, is almost normal, and Glaser will not feed them as well...)

Otherwise very nice set up, except for some shad it needs in the tank, as those fishes are used to it (see the biotope photos in nature where they live - 250 in my book also of those shown).

best regards from a collector

Heiko Bleher
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