Exclusive interview with Discus fish legend Marc Weiss

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Exclusive interview with Discus fish legend Marc Weiss

Post by saleson » 28 Mar 2014, 11:56

Exclusive interview with Discus fish legend Marc Weiss
någon som har tid kan kanske anteckna ner vad dessa ingredienser är.
Ingen oxhjärta för hans del.

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Re: Exclusive interview with Discus fish legend Marc Weiss

Post by classemann » 20 Dec 2014, 12:10

Jag har mejlat honom och fick lite svar faktiskt.

Hello Claes,

Sorry for delay, I was away for the holidays.

My diet may be hard to exactly duplicate due to availability of some of the ingredients in various places. Some of the ingredients I use may have to be bought in large quantities.

I don’t have the recipe written down so the hobbyist can easily follow it.

I have to write instructions and details of substitutions for each, which is a difficult exercise to present for an international audience.

The simplest thing you can do is replace beef heart with marine shrimp tails and some fatty cold water fish meat. Do not add vegetable matter to the diet .

If there is a good source of bloodworm that is not dyed or from polluted waters (most are) you can do a mix of shrimp, fish and bloodworm. You can add clam or mussel too.

About 2 g of stabilized vitamin C per kilo too.

I am working on a premix / binder that contains the rest of the ingredients and hope to make it available in small amounts in about a month.

You should see an improvement in fertility and longevity in your discus.

Best regards,

Efter detta svar funderade jag lite och skickade följande till honom.

Hi Marc, thanks for reply.

This is what i tried out today, just a testmix.

100 grams of tails from Nephrops norvegicus, not boiled just fresh ones.
100 grams of fresh salmon.
34 grams of fresh Pecten maximus.
100 grams of fresh Herring.
1 egg yolk.

What more could i use ?
Thinking of replacing the herring and take cod instead.
I´m really interested in your premix/binder, just so you know.

Best Regards


Han svarade igen.

Hi Claes,
Raw egg yolk may interfere with binding and cause the finished mix to fall apart and/or float.
The shrimp should never be boiled. It would bind up and oxidize the the astaxanthin.
So far your mix is good. You may want to add astaxanthin for red discus, lutein for yellow or both.
You would need to find a local source.
I think herring contains more oils than cod. I would use the herring.
Put in food processor with boomerang shaped blade and quickly take out when paste forms.
To bind it…I don’t know what is available in small quantities to you.
Quick cooking oatmeal which has thin flakes,, corn starch. wheat gluten? Combinations of them? All absorb moisture.Flake food for fish can work too.
You have to go by trial and error.

As to my premix, import laws are very strict to most countries. I don’t know if you can freely import fish food ingredients into into Sweden. You might need a license or permit.

Good luck and let me know your results.

Ni ser ju mitt recept och jag har testat det lite grand och det jag reagerade över är hur fet den är, man känner att den är oljig och ja, dom äter den.
Han var rädd för att den skulle eventuellt flyta eller falla sönder men så är inte fallet, sjunker som en tegelsten kan jag nämna.
Har även rivet den i små partiklar och även dessa sjunker och uppskattas av dom fiskar som gillar små bitar samt att plocka mycket med maten.
Jag kommer att uppdatera hur det går i min konversation med Marc i denna tråd.

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Re: Exclusive interview with Discus fish legend Marc Weiss

Post by turte » 04 Feb 2015, 18:38

Verkar spännande!

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