What kind worm it is?

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What kind worm it is?

Post by Gajowa » 04 Apr 2008, 01:49

I found this fat worms in our heckels poo 2 days after arrival. I don't know what type of worm it is. I have seen it only once, and belive me, I cought many poos for "check up". I have wormed them with levamisol 10% and metro in the food. About 5 mths ago they had prazi in food also ( 50mg tab/70gr of seafood mix).
Anyone knows what it is?
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Re: What kind worm it is?

Post by Dizkuz » 04 Apr 2008, 19:00

Have no ide at all, but i know it look nasty do.
Hope someone can identify it for you and give you the right path to Nuke it :hug1:
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