Stronger "strains" and BD discussions

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Re: Stronger "strains" and BD discussions

Post by stanchung » 14 Jun 2008, 23:27

Ah... selective breeding if I'm not mistaken is called line breeding or line bred. Use to select the desired characteristics, in this case a more solid blue fish aka Cobalt discus.

Janne, this blue cover is not a big deal at all as most BD's have blue cover. I do suspect coloring agents[whatever they may be] are used to enhance the blue. I tend to believe it's a fantasy name as you put it. [until enlightened otherwise :dontknow: ]
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Re: Stronger "strains" and BD discussions

Post by Andrew Soh » 15 Jun 2008, 01:22


No difference I all depends on what crosses used to breed with the blue I have explained earlier.....and as Stan said.....further enhancement with steriod or hormone can enhance the blue. Some blue enhancers which are generally related to hormone.....can be toxic if taken overdose....causing water retention and bloating....and eventual death.

On the other hand, red enhancer like carophyll pink and asthaxanthin are safe.

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