Stor DNA-studie på Altum - Bleher har fel

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Re: Stor DNA-studie på Altum - Bleher har fel

Post by Twitch » 29 Jul 2017, 12:12

kaj.p wrote:
29 Jul 2017, 11:26
Twitch wrote:
28 Jul 2017, 21:47
Märkligt han inte känner till Professor Bellstedt när han referar honom i sin Discus Book..
Nu är jag inte med?
Hoppsan läste inte ditt citat noggrannt jag trodde det var Blehers uttalande där han egentligen förnekar det som sas på mässan och säger han aldrig hört talas om dessa två.

I just saw that in May there was the so called First International Pterophyllum Conference one can read about it at Skalare-Zuchtformen Skalarzucht WBA on Facebook. And 'worldfamous' people in case of angelfish : Prof.Dr. Dirk Bellstedt from South-Africa (Stellenbosch University) and Georg Wüst from Germany. Persons I have never heard of in my long fish-life. But that is not important, I acnnot know all. BUT what I really think is not good for the hobby, or nqture=lovers; is this mis-information about angelfishes and species. I have after more than research 500 Expedition into their habitats ion South America, published a very clear piture about all 4 described species and its variants, as well as 12 other species/forms/populations I found, together with their habitat and a detailed description of their morphology, for any one to identify, what they have, have seen or to compare what is published or shown elsewhere. Also parameters.
Now the context of this Conference, said in ref to P. altum "...that two different phylogenetic lines as an Rio Orinoco group and as an Rio Negro group. So all discussion about true and not true Altum-Angel from the wild are not more neccessary any longer" which is really bad - in every contest, and wrong. I work with angelfishes and Discus for over 50 years, travelling several times yearly to their habiatats and do reserach about their biology in nature and later in aquaria. And for instance the type of P. altum was described clearly by pellegreen and I analyzed the types in the Musee de Histoire Naturelle in paris (and photosgraphed them), They are from the Atabapo, and extreme different in mophology from the Rio Negro P. scalare populations (not only in size, but also in morphology - 2 very different species). That both were once possible coming from same ancestors, already Warren Burgess in the 1980s extensivekly published, but also that they are different. And all other (5) P. altum population, only found in upper Orinoco affluent rivers (which I all analayzed, collected, etc.), are different again, each one. So before any molecular phylogenic experiemt is to be done, ONLY after all populations and all other angelfishes are analyzed. ALL OTHER EXPERIMENTS CAN ONLY LEAD TO MIS_INFORMATION, simply wrong and wasted time and money. BESIDES molecular resultsd CAN NEVER say which species is which, ONLY date, and if related or not, and how old. No molecular scientist would ever consiver only molecular results as a new, or separate species description, or even mention it. Simply wrong this conference, correct information. The only thing pretty near to facts I saw, was that each population/species/varant has its own habitat.
B.t.w. The photos shows the often calle Peruvian altum, which is my Pterophyllum sp. 1 from the Nanay basin, and only found there. And they displayed them in a fantastic biotope/aquascape aquarium at ZooMark this year in Italy.

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